Car Wash Financing

SONY DSCEntrepreneurs who owned and operated car washes during the Great Recession were hit especially hard.  Consumers stopped spending and lenders tightened their belts.  Now that the Great Recession is over, the tables have finally turned.  Consumer spending is up, and banks are vigorously competing to provide car wash financing to borrowers who are a good fit for an SBA loan.  If you are a car wash owner, now is the best time since 2007 to look into financing options for your business!

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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Be More Green Friendly

Due to the mass amounts of environmentally friendly products exploding on the marketplace today it should come as no surprise that environmentally friendly businesses are flourishing at a time when environmental stewardship is increasingly drastically across all different spectrums including education, agriculture and the economy. Becoming “Green Friendly” is now more of a demand rather than a suggestion and more and more consumers are making the switch to products that do not harm our earth. So as your customers demand safer environmental practices, capitalize on it by finding your eco-friendly niche, getting international certification from an Eco-label program and create a solid partnership between your business and the environment! Here are 5 Ways you can make your business practices more eco-friendly:


  1. Create A Sustainability Impact Report
    A Sustainability Impact Report can help you gain trust from your environmentally conscious customers because it requires you to measure, assess and report your sustainability performance.
  2. Choose Better Suppliers
    To be a green friendly business it is imperative that you also use suppliers and vendors that are also environmentally conscious. You should be holding all of your vendors to the same standard as you are holding your own business to.
  3. Use Green Packaging
    Use recyclable, sustainable materials to create the packaging for your products so that you can extend your eco-friendliness to your customers as well. A big part of green packaging is also eliminating excess materials that could be used in the production of your products and their packaging.
  4. Try To Be Zero-Waste
    Becoming a zero-waste company is not as hard as it may seem, in fact most companies in Switzerland have already adhered to zero-waste policies and many larger companies in the United States are making plans to shift in this direction as well. . Zero waste is a form of sustainability that involves reusing all resources to decrease the total environmental impact. Basically, the zero waste philosophy entails redesigning the entire life cycle of a product so that every part of the product is reused and no trash is sent to landfills or incinerators. Overall, businesses that adhere to zero waste policies and philosophies see it as an efficient, lucrative, and ethical guide to imitate natural and sustainable life cycles where all discarded materials become resources for others.
  5. Cut Energy Consumption
    There are a lot of easy steps you can take to decrease the amount of energy your business uses each day. Install motion sensor lights that go on and off only if someone is in the premises, and use less energy emitting light bulbs as well. Try to use as much natural light as possible and make sure your employees are shutting down their electronics when they are not being used.
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Small Business Lending Up 7 Percent In July Alone

Although small business lending was reportedly decreasing in June, July saw a 7 percent increase in the small business-lending index by PayNet. Not only was lending up, but borrowing also increased by ten percent compared to July of 2013.

Although lending and borrowing are trending up, small businesses are hiring less. It seems as if although growth seems imminent for small business owners, they are still managing their cash flow conservatively; most noticeably by their lack of payroll expansion.  In fact the Intuit Hiring Index which was released this week noted that no new jobs where added by small businesses in the United States at all in August.

What these recent statistics suggest about the state of small business in the United States is that it is seeing an area of growth and expansion.

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When Is the Best Time To Borrow?

Timing_Alarm Clock_SmallIn recent months, there has been a surge in positive media surrounding the world of lending, especially when it comes to small business loans.  When it comes to borrowing, timing is a huge factor.  Phrases such as “now is the right time to borrow” or “now is the right time to buy,” are continually tossed around, even in the midst of fluctuating markets.  While it is true that loans made to small businesses have steadily increased since the 2008 recession, what does this really mean to prospective borrowers?

For consumer and business owners alike, the best time to borrow money is when interest rates are low and the economy is at a high.  Lower interest rates mean lower costs to the borrower.  A stronger economy often leads to relaxed lending program regulations, making it easier for consumers and business owners to qualify for loans.  Fortunately, our nation is currently experiencing this trend.  If you previously applied for a loan but were denied, now is an ideal time to reapply!  As the economy continues to grow, you are more likely to be approved for a loan and perhaps for even a larger amount than what you originally applied for.

While banks have resumed lending more and more money to small businesses throughout the country, alternative lenders have also started to spring up, giving small business owners even greater access to working capital.  With increased access to funds and lower interest rates, small and large businesses alike can continue to grow and expand, create more jobs, and contribute to the strength of the overall economy!


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How Much Money Are Your Unhappy Employee’s Costing You?

Happy employees not only make your workspace a more cohesive and better area to be, but they also contribute better and more to a business’ profitability. A big part of having happy employees is having a happy open company culture, which pushes everyone to work better with others, be more creative and innovative, learn faster and make better decisions. Unhappy employees however lose money for your company and drag your entire environment down. In fact in the Gallup 2013 Report on the State of the Global Workplace, it was reported that actively disengaged and unengaged employees do not put any time, effort, energy or passion into their work and can in fact undermine what engaged workers are achieving.


What is more disturbing than the fact that unengaged employees can cause a massive decrease in productivity and probability at your business is the amount of unengaged workers in the workforce, it is estimated that 70 percent of United States workers are disengaged! Overall this means that less than half of the working population is engaged in their job; this makes it harder for employees to work together and harder for businesses to run themselves effectively.


Gallup has said that in the United States alone, hundreds of billions of dollars are lost per year due to actively disengaged employees. Compared to companies who have high employee engagement and happiness, this is a drastic difference. Most businesses that have happy employees have at least a 22 percent higher profitability, 10 percent higher customer engagement and 21 percent higher productivity rates.


Unhappy, unengaged employees are costing your business a huge amount of money, and time. Look into ways to make your employees happier by creating a culture that everyone can agree on and feel comfortable around. Hire the best people and nurture their skills and well-being, the rest will follow!

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